What is Synthetix5

Synthetix5 is a pre-mixed, synthetic urine that serves as the perfect alternative to your own pee!

Although it was crafted in a laboratory, this stuff is nearly identical to real, human urine so it’s perfect for urine fetish play or for calibrating your urine testing equipment. Synthetix5 has the appearance and texture of natural urine because it contains creatinine, urea, uric acid, and many other chemicals typically found in human pee. It even has the proper balance of pH and specific gravity to provide the most lifelike experience possible.

Both males and females can use Synthetix5 to simulate their own urine!

But, since it’s free of all toxins and bacteria, this is a safer alternative to using organic urine for wet sex fun. In the box, you’ll find one 3.5oz bottle of pre-mixed synthetic urine with a temperature strip attached to one side. The liquid has been incubated for 48 hours which eliminates sedimentation and separation. You’ll also find a sticky heating pad that you can use to keep your sample warm.

When you’re ready to use Synthetix5...

Simply open the bottle and microwave it for 10 seconds. This will bring the sample up to body temperature. The temperature strip on the bottle will show a green indicator to tell you the temperature of the liquid inside. If the bottle is warm to the touch, but you don’t see any green on the temperature strip, you probably microwaved it a little too long and it’s just too hot to appear on the sensor. If this happens, wait for the urine to cool until you see the green indicator is somewhere between 94 and 100 degrees.

Since your sample needs to be at body temperature when you deliver it, you can use the included heating pad to keep the synthetic urine warm for up to 8 hours. Remove the pad from its plastic, shake it for 5 seconds, and attach the sticky side to the bottle on the opposite side from the temperature strip. This heating method works best if you keep the bottle in a pocket, our Stash Undies, or in the Stash Strap.

Before you deliver your fake whiz, double check the temperature strip to make sure it reads between 98-100 degrees to guarantee you’re delivering the most realistic urine simulation. Open the flip-top cap and empty the contents onto your partner.

If you need a cleaner, safer, and toxin-free alternative to your own urine, Synthetix5 is for you. Whether you’re gettin’ wet and wild with a partner, or needing to test your urinalysis equipment, Synthetix5 serves as the perfect replica to your own piss!

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